Casper and the surrounding areas (Evansville, Mills, Bar Nunn, etc.), are all currently having issues with internet and other services provided by Spectrum.

The official Spectrum website states:

An outage is affecting your Spectrum services. We're working quickly to restore your service.

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If you enrolled in the "automatic contact back system", you may have received a message that stated:

Spectrum: You will receive credit if your service outage lasts 4 hours or longer. When resolved, we will determine eligibility and contact you.

With the current winter snow hammering Casper (and the majority of the rest of the state), this is most definitely an inopportune time to be without internet, especially with tomorrow being a "virtual learning day" for Natrona County School District students.

Spectrum services are still intermittent at the moment, but here's to hoping they come back up permanently soon.

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