As something of a proponent of Hip Hop, I was giddy with excitement, knowing that Tech N9ne, Machine Gun Kelly, and others were playing a show at the Casper Events Center. Because I know much about rap, I prepared a lavish Hummer Limo, filled with Crystal, Southern Food, and Shawty's. Unfortunately, my alter-ego 'Way-Too-Slim Shady' got the better of me, and used up all of those resources. So whatever. They didn't get the Hummer, but what they did do was bring the house down and prove yet again why they have such a rabid, and vocal, fan base.

With our resident DJ, DJ Nyke (of No Goodaz fame), I took pictures of numerous fans (most of whom were rather young. Ever been flipped off by a 13 year old? I have), and numerous bands. Each one was better than the next, but they all worked hard to bring their brand of Rhythm And Poetry (figure out the acronym) to Casper. Check out these pics.