If you know someone in your life who lives alone (not with their parents.) and who is single. I've put together some of the best gift ideas for this holiday season. Seeing how I am a bachelor who lives on his own. I'm pretty sure I know what people like me would like to open this holiday season.

1. The Bluetooth beanie is downright perfect for the Wyoming weather this time of year. Not to mention keeping the tunes blaring to take your mind off freezing to death.


2. The best mug for that son who always has some sort of drama.

Proud Gifts

3. For the nerdy bachelor as most of us are there is nothing better than DIY Space Invaders!

Noa Vider

4. Although most of us guys don't like to admit to taking baths, believe me, we all do it. So here's the guilty pleasure pack.


5. The only 4 things a guy needs when leaving the apartment for anything. This is the perfect Christmas gift.


Happy holidays my friends. I hope this list helped ease your mind about what to get that single bachelor in your life.