Recently, we told you about the upcoming Tech N9ne tour that's scheduled for the Casper Events Center in May.  However, before the promoter moved the show to the Events Center, it was apparently originally scheduled for The Venue - which has now closed its doors in the Beverly Plaza.  Unfortunately, it appears that some people may have purchased advance tickets directly from The Venue's operators - and are now wondering whether those tickets will be refunded, or accepted at the Events Center performance.  Here's the story:

The Casper Events Center had no ties to the first incarnation of this show - all money spent on advance tickets went directly to the proprietors of The Venue.  According to Tiffine Canepa, Marketing Director for the Casper Events Center:  "The CEC cannot issue refunds for tickets being purchased at another venue.  We're asking all current ticket holders to get their refunds immediately from the place of purchase."

According to some local ticket buyers, that is easier said than done - several have passed along that they've already tried, and are complaining that none of their calls are being answered or returned.  Tickets are also still being sold as of this writing on The Venue's website for $30, even though their physical location has been shut down.  A call to The Venue's phone number listed at their website and Facebook was met with a recorded message that the number had been temporarily disconnected.

However, KISS-FM was able to reach Nathan Hedquist, the former owner of The Venue via cell - who said that he "was trying to get in touch with the promoter", and that his original plan was to "just take the funds to the Events Center".   When we explained that there was a price difference between The Venue's ticket rate ($30) and the advance ticket price at the Events Center ($27) - Hedquist said he would now process ticket refunds directly back to purchaser's credit cards through Vendini, which is the third-party website that processed all of The Venue's ticket sales.

According to Hedquist, he went through the process while we were on the phone with him, and all refunds should take place "this week".  We asked how many advance purchasers were impacted by the change, and Hedquist puts that number at 25 - all but one of which he says were online purchasers.  He declined to give information on how the lone physical ticket holder would be handled.

The Casper Events Center has also contacted The Venue's physical vendors, such as Porter's in Casper and Riverton, to alert them that any Tech N9ne tickets currently sold there would not work for the Events Center show.   Under no circumstances should you purchase a ticket to the upcoming concert ANYWHERE but the Casper Events Center's box office, their charge-by-phone at (307) 577-3030, or (800) 442-2256, or  Tickets officially go on sale Friday, April 6.

As to the future of The Venue, Hedquist claims that recent news reports about alleged misdealings and financial difficulties are false, and that everyone in these stories has been taken care of.   Hedquist states that they ran into "trouble with the building", will be back eventually in a new location, and that  "This is only kind of a pause in time".

If you've had any dealings with The Venue, please post your comments below - particularly if you're a ticket holder to a past event - please let us know how your refund process went.