It's not very often you get to enjoy a "Sun"-day on Saturday, but you will have that rare chance coming up on October 14th, 2023.

The Science Zone is hosting a "Saturday Sun-Day: Special Annular Eclipse Event", next weekend.

A recent press release from The Science Zone states:

Families in the Casper area will have a unique opportunity to observe this month’s partial annular solar eclipse with an expert from Casper College.

The Science Zone, as part of its ongoing Saturday Sun-Day activity series, will be hosting Casper College’s Dr. Andrew Young as he gives visitors a unique look at the heavens during the partial annular eclipse on October 14th.

“Dr. Young will provide information and a special telescope for viewing the sun during the eclipse, weather permitting,” says Trevor Trujillo, spokesperson for The Science Zone. “We will also have solar-based activities for scientists of all ages.”

Dr. Young will be at the museum from 9:00 am until 12:00 pm, during which time admission to The Science Zone’s main museum floor will be free.

“Because of a grant from the Wyoming Space Grant consortium, we’re able to make museum admission free during the event,” Trujillo says. “We’re really excited to use the unique opportunity presented by the partial annular eclipse to inspire curiosity in our visitors from toddlers to retirees. Not only can they get a unique look at the eclipse, they’re also able to explore our hands-on exhibits throughout the museum.”

The Science Zone’s Saturday Sun-Day is an ongoing once-monthly event. Future Saturday Sun-Day events with Dr. Young are currently scheduled (weather permitting) for November 4 and December 9. During these events Dr. Young and Casper College supply telescopes and filters to allow participants to safely view the sun. These are free events.

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The event details are as follows:

  • WHEN: Saturday, October 14th, 2023 | 9:00 am - noon
  • WHERE: The Science Zone - 222 East Collins Drive
  • COST: Free

This your chance to have some education fun with the entire family, free of charge.

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