Now is the time to make sure the presents and boxes are safe. The Grinch has been spotted in Casper at several different locations with his sights set on destroying residents' Christmas joy.

The Casper Police Department, in the spirit of holiday fun, posted the following video to their official Facebook page along with a message that read:

The rumors are true. The Grinch has returned to Casper to try and ruin our holiday season!
Here he is captured on a resident's camera stealing Christmas joy straight off of the doorstep. Unfortunately, the Grinch isn't the only bad guy in town trying to ruin Christmas. Keep an eye on your home security cameras and packages this holiday season. Be sure to bring your packages inside as soon as possible, or schedule a delivery time for when someone will be home and available.
If you have any Grinch sightings, please let us know. We've opened our investigation efforts to make this year's arrest, soon.

This wasn't an isolated incident either. The Casper Police Department posted a second video highlighting the dastardly evil-doer at a separate local residence obviously doing something nefarious.

We're confident our boys and girls in blue will put a stop to his malicious machinations soon, before the Grinch has a chance to ruin Christmas in Casper for good.

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