The Casper Police Department Facebook page often has helpful hints with a touch of humor. Today however, it's a little more serious. There have been problems with the public parking in restricted school zone areas.

There are areas around Casper, especially near Natrona County High School and Kelly Walsh High School, that have signs saying Restricted Parking - Permit Required. CPD would like to remind people that there is No Parking in the restricted parking during the allotted times posted on the signs. Residents pay for a parking permit to park in these restricted areas, so please give them the courtesy and find another place to park. CPD's Parking Enforcement will be out looking for vehicles that are parked in the restricted parking that do not have a permit.
~Please share if you have a student or know of a student who drives to one of the two high schools mentioned above.~

Hopefully local residents will heed their warnings as Casper PD have clearly stated Parking Enforcement will be on the lookout for violators.

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