Earlier this year, YouTube personality, make-up connoisseur and entrepreneur, Jeffree Star announced he was moving to Wyoming. Since he first made the announcement via Twitter back in August, he's made a few trips to the Cowboy State already. As of today though (December 7th, 2020), he's official a resident.

Star came through Casper today to get a Wyoming drivers license and get plates for his vehicle. He posted a face masked photo to his official Twitter feed and Instagram Story of the journey.

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In addition to handling the more tedious business, he also did some furniture shopping and stopped by his favorite local eatery, HQ Southern BBQ.

Star now joins a who's who of recent celebrities that call Wyoming home, which includes Hip-Hop producer and rapper, Kanye West and Rock legend, Nikki Sixx.

Jeffree has been adamant about his love of his home state of California, but he's been equally flattering about his time spent here in Wyoming. Here's to hoping we get a chance to see more of him locally.

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