Kanye West and Nikki Sixx aren't the only celebrities that have recently decided to call the Cowboy State home. YouTube star, makeup artist and cosmetics entrepreneur, Jeffree Star recently bought a home in Kaycee (although he likes to say he actually moved to Casper).

When he first came to Wyoming, he was "seeing" professional basketball player, Andre Marhold, but the two have since had a not-so amicable split. Both Jeffree and Andre have been pretty closed mouth about the details... until now.

In Star's latest YouTube video (posted on Saturday, October 10th, 2020), he released some of the juicy details, and of course throwing a little Wyo-love in the mix.

In addition to the gossip, Star takes the viewer on a tour of his gorgeous California mansion and all the current updates and modifications he's currently making to it, just in time for Halloween.

From the tone of the video, it doesn't appear he'll be back in Wyoming for at least the rest of the month, but when you have access to a private jet, you can go where ever you want, whenever you want.

Only time we tell.

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