There was a time, in the not-so-distant past, where malls were the place to be. Malls first gained their popularity in the '80s and they played host to a variety of shops, kiosks and, yes, food stands.

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Food courts were the absolute center of a shopping mall, featuring various eateries offering fast, convenient food at reasonable prices.

Eastridge Mall in Casper, at one point, had an excellent food court. It consisted of such Casper staples, like Taco Johns, Subway, Pick a Piece of Pizza, Hot Dog on a Stick, and so many others.

But for two decades, one vendor has stood out among all the rest and now, after 20 years, Flaming Wok is the only vendor left in the now mostly desolate Eastridge Mall food court.

It makes sense; most people would say that Flaming Wok was the best vendor in the entire food court. It offered simple, yet delicious Chinese food, such as pepper steak, sweet and sour chicken, sesame chicken, lo mein, rice, and many other things that people could spend double the money for in any other restaurant.

Flaming Wok was a highlight, the highlight, of the Eastridge Mall Food Court, and's the last stand standing.

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