If you missed it - had a chance to catch up with the one and only Nelly up in herre.   We discussed the new announcements for KISS-FM's Blizzard Music Tour, life, love, music, and everything in between - and had him answer some of the questions you came up with on our Facebook, and here at kisscasper.com.   Great guy who tells it like it is - easy to tell why he's enjoyed the kind of success he's had.    Listen to the three-part interview, and check out his new single "Gone" with Kelly Rowland after the jump:

Nelly discusses why he's been around for a decade, the new 5.0 album, how he feels about his role in hip-hop history, and more:

Nelly gives his take on all the celebrities/rappers getting into legal trouble lately, how life changed for him after he "made it", his opinion on "real" role models - and talks about his new song "Gone", and the relationship between him & Kelly Rowland:

Listen to Nelly's new track, and scroll down for part 3 of our interview, where Nelly answers your questions:

Part 3 - Nelly answers YOUR questions that you sent in on Facebook & kisscasper.com: