With Christmas just around the corner, shoppers are gearing up for what has been the craziest, most chaotic day of the shopping year- Black Friday. It seems that stores are opening earlier and earlier in recent years, almost to the point of it being called Black WednesdayThrusdayFriday. Because we care about you, we want to try to save you some of the chaos, so you can focus more on buying gifts, and less on the hectic schedule. With that, we present to you a list of stores in Casper and when they'll open on Black Friday.

Target- 12:00 am on Friday

Walmart- 12:00 am on Friday

K-Mart- 5:00 am on Friday

JC Penney- 4:00 am on Friday

Best Buy- 12:00 am on Friday

Cabelas- 5:00 am on Friday

Menards: 6:00 am on Friday

Sears- 4:00 am on Friday

We will continue to update this list as more stores become available.

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